NIKKI BIDDISS BSc (Hons) - Botanical Healing
Medical Herbalist - MNIMH

Botanical Healing is a Herbal Medicine and  Therapeutic Massage practice based in Bridge of Allan, near Stirling.

What is Herbal Medicine?
Herbal medicine is the use of plants to manage a wide variety of common medical conditions. It has a long tradition of use worldwide and is among the most popular and highly respected of complementary therapies. The efficacy of herbal remedies has been drawn from centuries of popular use and the growing scientific research and clinical trials in herbal medicine are endorsing this traditional knowledge.

Herbalists believe that by using plants in their more natural form, many of the side-effects associated with modern medicine can be avoided.

Herbalists address the causes of ill health through the holistic treatment of the individual. Treatment is focused on the patient rather than just on the disease, considering factors such as diet, lifestyle and emotional well-being along with any physical symptoms.

Can herbal remedies be taken with other medication?
Herbal medicine is usually safe to take with other medicines. By providing full details of your prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbs are prescribed to work safely with your current medication.

What is herbal medicine used for?
People consult herbalists on a wide range of medical conditions.
If you would like to discuss if herbal medicine could be suitable for you, please feel free to contact Nikki on 07528 341206 for a FREE no obligation discussion.

Herbal medicine is suitable for all ages from children to the elderly and is used by both men and women.
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