NIKKI BIDDISS BSc (Hons) - Botanical Healing
Medical Herbalist - MNIMH
Herbal Consultation

The first consultation takes approximately one hour. Nikki will take a detailed medical history covering not only your current complaint and medications, allergies and family history but also your diet and lifestyle. Your blood pressure and pulse will be checked and sometimes further physical examination may be necessary.

Nikki will then discuss and agree your management plan with you. Following this Nikki will personally formulate a mix of suitable herbs individually tailored to your needs. The medicine may be in the form of a tincture, a tea or an external cream or ointment.
A shorter follow up consultation will take place 3-4 weeks later to monitor your progress. This will take approximately 30 minutes. If you need further consultations, additional visits are generally at four or six week intervals.

The initial one-hour consultation costs £40 and the thirty-minute follow-up consultations are £30 each.

For children (under 16) the initial consultation costs £25 and follow-up consultations are £20 each.

Herbal medicines cost £7 per week for a tincture (100ml), £6 for a tea (100g) and £7 for creams/ointments (60g).

Payment by cash or cheque on the day please
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